The Executive Team

Together we can make a difference!

We are professional with the deepest respect for the environment, with directives towards global development with echo friendly materials, with the ambition to change the future, focusing on humanitarian benefits, environmental improvement, infrastructure development and the advancing process for emergent stronger economies.

  • Mr Antonio Valencia

    Brings over 45 years of multifaceted experience, Advancing in architecture technology, product developer, civil engineering, Airplane designing engineering; Additionally, safety protocol process development. Extensive experience in developing mass production facilities, security protocols, organization management, heavy manufacture mechanics, inventory, speaker, trainer in management, safety, complex product enhancement and ...

  • Mr Howard Brown
    Chief Executive Officer

    Solutions-driven executive with many years of experience in managing sales, operations, and personnel at district, regional, and corporate levels for manufacturing companies. A motivational management style with a record of building and retaining highly motivated sales teams, distributor networks, and manufacturer’s representatives. Negotiated major energy contracts with Fortune 500 companies including; Wal-Mart and …

  • Brian K. Jones
    Director of Business Development

    Brings over 10 years experience in investment banking underwriting and capital markets trading and investment analysis. Four years working on mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and project finance for numerous clean energy and biofuels projects. Prior to joining First National Investment Banking, Worked for Cybus Capital Markets as Director of Financial Operations where he prepared financial reports, budgets, and ...

  • Dr Anthony Valencia PhD
    Chief Technology Officer

    PhD in Philosophy brings new horizon in business management, innovative architecture knowledge, product developer and automatic factory process, civil engineering, and electronic robotic engineering. Extensive experience in nano water technology, computer programming, CAT management, manufacture expertise, airplane designer and builder, an avid student in marketing, business law, quantum physics, biology...

  • Identify & Pending
    Chief Financial Officer

    Brings over 10 years as an accomplished financial executive with PricewaterhouseCoopers and demonstrated experience optimizing revenue streams and shareholder equity as well as resolving key business issues, implementing profitable solutions. Experience includes Technology, Business Services, and Industrial manufacturing and public accounting. and internationally with several Fortune 500 Companies. Extensive experience in ...

  • Ms. Ida Perez
    Director of Marketing Technology

    Brings over 20 years of graphic design and marketing experience. Recent work has included website design, graphic design of various cover designs, posters, flyers, and event displays. Extensive knowledge in numerous marketing software products including Adobe In-Design, Illustrator, Contribute, LifeCycle, Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver. Proficient in Microsoft’s Office Suite programs as well on Apple’s Mac ...

  • Jeffrey Riddle
    Electrical Technology Engineering

    Brings over 25 years of experience in construction development, design. Electrical Engineering, infrastructure development, and the past 3 years devoted entirely to research and experimentation of the efficient separation of water molecules, pollution Reduction equipment development for combustion engines and study of all zero point Energy systems past and present; Other areas hydrogen, sound vibrations and…

  • Gustavo Caceres
    Biomolecular Technology Officer

    Brings experience in development and investigating of new organic technologies in agriculture and zoo-technical, biomolecular nutrition, recently working in investigation and development in the physics of cellular-molecular, magnetic conduct in the process biochemical and there application in superfluid. Relation between the biochemical process magnetic cellular, planification of autosostenible community and...