Introducing the New York Power Plant Project

Valencia Energy & Power, Inc., a special purpose entity of Valencia Energy Company, has been established for the purpose of developing a multi-megawatt power project capable of providing continuous on-demand electric power that requires no fossil fuels and emits no pollutants or waste.

Unique Opportunity

Valencia Energy & Power's analysis of the utility market has identified New York as its location for deploying the Company's clean energy project. Investing in this opportunity is reception proof and unique for two reasons:
1) Secure offering, with 80% of the profit for our partners/investors.
2) A lifetime warranty on the power plants units.
Persons interested in learning more about the project, technology, or how to invest should contact the Company or visit

Technology Description

  • Unique Product
    The unique technology operates on the principles of electromagnetism, enhanced through the induction of specific proprietary frequencies, that generate constant rotation and enable it to provide a continuous supply of electric power to the engine that power the dynamo.
  • Our Advantage
    The technology offers distinct advantages over both fossil and renewable technologies that allow it to operate at the lowest cost structure currently on the market. The technology is able to compete effectively in all markets against all sources of power generation without the need for tax or other incentives.